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  1. karlsch says:

    going to be using the hurricane rig for a 3d documentary. We are going to be shooting a fair amount hand held. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • alisterchapman says:

      The rig uses standard spacing 19mm rods so most existing 19mm shoulder mound and hand grip kits will work with it. I recommend mounting any hand grips as close to the front box section as possible to reduce the risk of inducing flex into the lower camera mount.

  2. i just bought the hurrigane rig and i think its a great choice
    but i was wondering when the updates are there
    the motorisation and the shoulder mount

    • alisterchapman says:

      We are working hard on getting the upgrade options ready. We have already created prototype hoods for large lenses unto 150mm did or the Canon XF105, complete with new lower baffle and supports for a future de-polarizer kit. We have also shown a prototype motorisation upgrade kit (Think we are showing this at IBC). These are very close to completion but we need to be sure they are tested before we can release production versions.

  3. Valentin B says:

    any news about de-polarizer kit release date?

    • alisterchapman says:

      We can now supply an upgrade hood kit that incorporates a new lower baffle and can be used with the XF105 as well as lenses up to 140mm in diameter. In addition this hood has a bracket to accept a de-polarizer. De-polarizers can be purchased from Schnieder Optics.

      The hood is $695 USD and a de-polariser to fit typically around $800 USD.

  4. bernardus says:


    I just get my hurricane and i plan to buy a decklink Ultrastudio 3D?
    Does any body have an experience with ultrastudio 3D. is it working for shoot 3D.
    Even they have 2 input line, I heard they can not capture two line in the same time. So we can not see the both camera in the same time.
    any suggestion?


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