Hurricane Rigs used for Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation

2x Hurricane Rigs on the set of NOTLD 3D

A pair of Genus Hurricane 3D rigs was recently used with Canon camcorders to shoot the movie Night of the Living Dead 3D: ReAnimation. The cameras were used in many configurations including handheld, on Stedicams, camera cranes as well as on traditional tripods and pedestals. The ability to use the rig in all of these situations shows just how versatile the Hurricane rig really is. Director Jeff Broadstreet’s movie will use a mixture of on set practical effects and 3D CGI effects to bring hundreds of corpses back to 3D life. Stereographer Andrew Parke chose the Hurricane Rig as it fitted the movies budget and had greater flexibility than other lower cost S3D rigs.

Handheld Hurricane 3D rig on NOTLD.

Hurricane rig flies on a Stedicam on NOTLD 3D

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