Hurricane Rig History

HISTORY of the Hurricane Rig:

Alister Chapman is a professional TV cameraman and editor with over 20 years in the business. Originally training as an electronics engineer Alister has always enjoyed developing new ideas. In the 1980?s he helped pioneer light weight in-car camera systems for race cars. He then went on to make use of miniature cameras in all kinds of unusual situations from windsurfing to snowboarding. In recent years Alister has produced natural history documentaries for National Geographic and provided high quality stock footage of extreme weather and other natural events to broadcasters, museums and corporate clients all over the world.

Six years ago he started to experiment with stereoscopic 3D using a pair of consumer cameras on a home built rig. That experimental work soon lead to commissions for big budget 3D projects for multi-national companies from Sony to IBM.

At the same time he started shooting some of the worlds natural extremes in 3D. These projects and Alister’s stock footage assignments often required international travel and with no manufacturer producing a truly portable, broadcast quality 3D HD rig, Alister had no choice other than to develop his own. Over two years his early designs matured into a stable, versatile, lightweight rig that can be packed down into a single flight case. He has used his rig to film in the cold of the Arctic at -36c and in the heat of the Arizona desert. In April 2010 Alister demonstrated his rig at NAB in Las Vegas, almost immediately he had a queue of people wanting him to build a rig for them.

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2 Responses to Hurricane Rig History

  1. Craig Lees says:

    Hi Alister,

    I have previously registered interest in research/development/purchase of the Hurricane Rig. Just read on your blog about your loss on web data, sorry to hear that. Drop me an email if you are still looking for organisations to try out the rig and provide feedback.


    Craig Lees

    • alisterchapman says:

      Hi Craig.

      The beta phase has now passed (although it’s always good to get feedback) and we are now in full production. We have not made any significant changes to the rig following the beta process, just a few small tweaks here and there that have helped improve stability. Manfrotto is now handling sales in the UK, although you can by a rig from me as a Manfrotto 3D consultant, in which case you are assured of my assistance in making sure the rig is right for you and getting you started.